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bug#31550: Inconsistent markup usage in custom.texi(emacs-26)

From: Takesi Ayanokoji
Subject: bug#31550: Inconsistent markup usage in custom.texi(emacs-26)
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 21:08:40 +0900

Hi emacs developers.

In custom.texi:147..150,

>>> start here
If you are interested in customizing a particular setting or customization group, you can go straight there with the commands @kbd{M-x customize-option}, @kbd{M-x customize-face}, or @address@hidden customize-group}}.  @xref{Specific Customization}."
<<< end here

 only '@kbd{M-x customize-group}' are marked-up by @w{...} (Prevent Line Breaks).

About this paragraph, only adding @w markup was changed in Emacs manual from emacs-25.2 to emacs-26.

Is there any reason?

It seems necessary for specific columns count environment for me.

Or original language environment, @kbd{M-x customize-group} will be put line-break position, always?
(If so when it translated to other languages, translators should decide @w markup target separately?)


ayatakesi <address@hidden>

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