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bug#31567: Acknowledgement (emacs-lisp-intro.pdf - two undefined items -

From: Van L
Subject: bug#31567: Acknowledgement (emacs-lisp-intro.pdf - two undefined items - page 1 (PDF viewer page 17 of 271))
Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 21:23:31 +1000

> GNU bug Tracking System writes:
> If you wish to submit further information on this problem, please
> send it to address@hidden

address@hidden has no target in at `tex’ context.

Maybe it needs to read address@hidden @xref{Complications} @end ifnottex’.

More information follows:

    1 A single-quote is an abbreviation for the special form quote; you need 
not think about special forms now. See ⟨unde ned⟩ “Complications”, page ⟨unde 

    2ea2a2f1 (Paul Eggert              2016-05-03  1008) abbreviation for the 
special form @code{quote}; you need not think
    2ea2a2f1 (Paul Eggert              2016-05-03  1009) about special forms 
now.  @xref{Complications}.}  Lists are the basis
    2ea2a2f1 (Paul Eggert              2016-05-03  1010) of Lisp.

    8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  1502) 
    8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  1503) @ifnottex
    d6adf7e7 (Glenn Morris             2012-05-28  1504) @node Complications
    8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  1505) @unnumberedsubsec 
    8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  1506) @end ifnottex

    d6adf7e7 (Glenn Morris             2012-05-28  6735) @node car cdr & cons
    8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  6736) @chapter @code{car}, 
@code{cdr}, @code{cons}: Fundamental Functions
    2dc24d55 (Michael Albinus          2018-02-23  6737) @findex 
address@hidden, introduced}
    2dc24d55 (Michael Albinus          2018-02-23  6738) @findex 
address@hidden, introduced}


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