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bug#31614: (texinfo) dfn - the double quotes around ``deleting'' are inc

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#31614: (texinfo) dfn - the double quotes around ``deleting'' are inconsistent with (eintr) Complications ``variables''
Date: Mon, 28 May 2018 11:55:38 +0300
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On May 28, 2018 6:56:56 AM GMT+03:00, Van L <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello.
> The beginning and ending double-quoting symbols are inconsistent for 
>   1. (eintr) Complications ``variables''
>   2. (texinfo) dfn ''deleting''
> : 8cda6f8f (Glenn Morris             2007-09-06  1511) the symbol's
> value as a @dfn{variable}.  This situation is described
> Looking up address@hidden in ``(texinfo) dfn’’ the double-quoting
> used in the line has
> :      Getting rid of a file is called "deleting" it.
> Expect the quoting symbol for open and close to be identical since
> both are being presented in Info page format.
> See:
> http://emacs.scratch.space/public/info-dfn-deleting-ugly-double-quotes.png

You are saying that the Texinfo manual uses ASCII quotes, and therefore
the opening and closing quotes are identical?  If so, the place to
complain about that is the Texinfo mailing list.  There's nothing wrong
that I could spot wrt quotes in the Lisp Intro manual.


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