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bug#31662: [PATCH] fix double counting bug in term.el

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#31662: [PATCH] fix double counting bug in term.el
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2018 23:13:01 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/26.1 (gnu/linux)

found 31662 27.0.50
tags 31662 fixed
close 31662 

John Shahid <address@hidden> writes:

>> Minor nitpick ChangeLog formatting nitpick, the sentence should be
>> capitalized and end with a period.
> fixed in the attached patch

Thanks, pushed to master [1: 9ac76456eb].  (Actually, I noticed the
commit message had gotten too long, so I edited that a bit more first)

>> Have you assigned copyright for Emacs?  (the patch is small enough to go
>> in regardless, but it would need to be marked as a tiny change)
> Yes I did. Should I attach the signed assignment to the bug report ?

No need for that, I just take your word for it.  I'm sure Eli (who has
access to the official list) will step in if anybody lies about it, but
why would they? :)

[1: 9ac76456eb]: 2018-06-01 23:06:34 -0400
  Fix column double counting in term.el (Bug#31662)

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