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bug#19882: 25.0.50; Backwards font-lock regex in m4-mode

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#19882: 25.0.50; Backwards font-lock regex in m4-mode
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 20:09:12 -0400
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tags 19882 fixed
close 19882 25.1

Marcin Borkowski <address@hidden> writes:

> On 2015-02-16, at 11:32, Rupert Swarbrick <address@hidden> wrote:
>> In m4-mode.el, the last two sexps in m4-font-lock-keywords are the wrong
>> way around. As a result, if you are writing M4 code to be expanded in
>> "-P mode", so have things like
>>   m4_define
>> in the file, then the "define" part gets matched by the penultimate
>> regex, so m4_ doesn't get highlighted as part of a keyword.

> in case the problem is still there (I don't use m4, so it's difficult
> for me to verify it), would you be able to provide a patch now?

Seems to be fixed in 25 (I did M-x m4-mode and typed in m4_define).

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