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bug#31782: 26.1; dired-recursive-deletes broken

From: Leo Liu
Subject: bug#31782: 26.1; dired-recursive-deletes broken
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018 13:09:15 +0800


I am annoyed to answer this question in 26.1 constantly

        Recursively trash XXX?  [yes, no, all, quit, help]

Previously there is only yes or no (which I replace with y or n). Now I
have to type all of these things. It's madness. So I set
dired-recursive-deletes to always. But that question pops up still.

To make it worse, I already have delete-by-moving-to-trash so all of
these questions are useless and slows me down. Why change for the worse?


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