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bug#31792: 27.0.50; Regression in #'labels, recent versions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#31792: 27.0.50; Regression in #'labels, recent versions
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 14:05:11 -0400
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>> I think this is wrong: it makes it sound like it does `fset`, which
>> is what CL's `flet` did, but not what `cl-flet` does.
>> If you look at the implementation, you'll see that it doesn't touch any
>> "function cell".
> Hmm, the manual page says something similar:
>  -- Macro: cl-flet (bindings...) forms...
>      This form establishes `let'-style bindings on the function cells
>      of symbols rather than on the value cells.
> It also wrongly claims that (quote FUNC) would work:
>      A "reference" to a function name is either a call to that
>      function, or a use of its name quoted by `quote' or `function' to
>                                               ^^^^^^^
>      be passed on to, say, `mapcar'.
> Perhaps both of those are leftovers from the original `flet'
> description.

Sounds like it, yes.

> How about this:

Looks good to me, thank you,


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