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bug#31745: �ظ��� bug#31745: �ظ����ظ���Re: �ظ���bug#31745: Frame's bug wh

Subject: bug#31745: ظ bug#31745: ظظRe: ظbug#31745: Frame's bug whenwindow-system
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 12:58:58 +0800

It is so strange that after i updated my package for emacs from melpa sources (not stable) today, this bug seems to disappear on my machine and the history of frame size caused by `emacs` is just the same as `emacs .emacs` which frame size is fine.

All of my packages can be seen from .emacs file i had provided before martin joined in this session, and the packages i updated today are company, company-lsp, cquery, flycheck, geiser, lsp-mode, lsp-ui, markdown-mode, smartparens and yasnippet.

I don't change any other things, and before this update, my configuration works well on emacs25, but have this problem on the archlinux's first release of emacs26 and emacs27 from aur as i posted before. But my configuration works well after this update on emacs 26.1-1 and emacs27.

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