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bug#32029: [PATCH] xref-find-definitions-at-mouse

From: Tobias Gerdin
Subject: bug#32029: [PATCH] xref-find-definitions-at-mouse
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018 10:03:31 +0200
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Den 2018-07-03 kl. 15:15, skrev Dmitry Gutov:
I think this can be written much shorter (call mouse-set-point, then interactively call xref-find-definitions), but I'm not sure how.
Actually, since the mark will be saved before the jump if one could arrange for saving the mark before the call to mouse-set-point and not saving it again before jumping the call to save-excursion would not be needed and xref-find-definitions could be called interactively. It appears that pushing the mark is set all the way down in `xref--show-xrefs` though, so unless setting this is parameterized somehow it does not look straigthforward to me. And not worth it in this case IMO.

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