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bug#17684: #22873 (multiple fake cursors); and, #17684 (crosshairs).

From: Keith David Bershatsky
Subject: bug#17684: #22873 (multiple fake cursors); and, #17684 (crosshairs).
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2018 22:28:33 -0700

I am now at proof concept patch version 012.  The patch applies to the master 
branch as of yesterday (07/07/2018).  Multiple fake cursors and crosshairs now 
use the same function (mc_move_it) to obtain the relevant X/HPOS coordinates.  
This version provides better compatibility with horizontal scrolling.  
Crosshairs now works with X11 and Windows.

1.  Download a current version of Emacs master branch.

2.  Reset the repository to 07/07/2018:  git reset --hard 

3.  Apply the attached patch from the root repository directory.

4.  Build a GUI version of Emacs:  X11, NS, or Windows.

5.  To try out real fake cursors with Magnar Sveen's library 
(multiple-fake-cursors), install that package first.

6.  Open crosshairs.el (attached) and evaluate the buffer.

7.  To play with crosshairs, type:  M-x +-mode

8.  To see an example of crosshairs playing nicely with tab stretches, open up 
something like simple.el and enable +-mode.

9.  To see an example of a variety of cursor styles and widths, type:  M-x 

X11 and NS are much quicker than Windows.  At some point in the future, I will 
work on more efficient means of calculating X and HPOS and other ways to speed 
this up.  Before moving on to more complicated aspects, I will continue working 
on compatibility with horizontal scrolling, tab stretches, and 


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