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csv-kill-fields broken in text mode

From: Bob Babcock
Subject: csv-kill-fields broken in text mode
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2018 05:30:34 GMT
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I just discovered a surprising interaction: csv-kill-fields and csv-kill-
multiple-columns break if the buffer is in text mode and a (quoted) field 
contains a comma.

For example, take the line
and interactively delete the first field with csv-kill-fields.

If the buffer is in csv or fundamental mode, the result is, as expected

If the buffer is in text mode, the result is

I have not tested other functions in csv-mode.el for similar breakage.

Is there a better place to report this?  Maybe the only change should be to 
document the mode requirement.  The only reason I'm in text mode is that I 
am pasting csv data into an existing text file for reformat to fixed 

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