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bug#32157: Emacs 26.1.50: Error in post-command-hook (icomplete-post-com

From: net june
Subject: bug#32157: Emacs 26.1.50: Error in post-command-hook (icomplete-post-command-hook): (void-function set-message-beep)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 03:47:21 +0000

On 07/14/2018 11:58 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> I cannot reproduce this.  I tried on GNU/Linux and on MS-Windows, and
> I get the expected results on each one of them.

I just pull the latest version from emacs git repo, and run "git clean 
-f -x -d" to clean up. Then config with command:

CFLAG=-O2 ./configure --prefix=/home/jun/apps/emacs-26 
--without-makeinfo --with-x-toolkit=gtk3 --with-modules

and make with command:
make && make install

The problem still exists.

> Also can be reproduced by following steps:
> 1. emacs -Q
> 2. C-h f or M-x describe-function
> 3. input "w32-<TAB>" where <TAB> is pressing the tab key
> 4. emacs error: byte-code: Symbol’s function definition is void: 
> set-message-beep

In step 3, it seems that ONLY THE FIRST tab key produce the error 
message for a emacs instance. Pressing the tab key twice, it will show 
the completion window with content as following:

Click on a completion to select it.
In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.

Possible completions are:
w32-check-shell-configuration   w32-convert-standard-filename
w32-get-valid-locale-ids        w32-list-locales
w32-set-default-process-coding-system   w32-set-system-coding-system
w32-shell-dos-semantics         w32-shell-name


Why these symbols are visible on GNU/Linux? Is there something wrong 
with my build commands?

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