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bug#31815: 27.0; Inappropriate use of curly quotes in `info.el'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#31815: 27.0; Inappropriate use of curly quotes in `info.el'
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 14:12:07 +0000 (UTC)

> > The point of a bug report is to state the problem
> I wish you would follow this advice when making bug reports. For
> example, in this report, instead of proposing a partial fix and
> assuming that it's clear that you're asking for that restoration +
> some other fix, ask something like: "these characters cause X problems
> in scenario Y, is there an ASCII-only equivalent we can use?"

I agree.  I try to do that, and will try harder.  Sometimes
pointing toward what might be better can help make the problem
clearer.  And sometimes that bleeds over into what can sound
like a description of a solution (or even the solution).

For the record and future reference: That's never my intention.

Except when I might actually propose a solution (e.g. a patch),
I just report bugs.  And even when I might propose a solution
(e.g. patch) I don't insist on considerations that are purely
implementation, e.g., performance.

I might express an opinion about the effect on users of this
or that proposed solution, but I don't claim that code I offer
is the most performant etc. possible.

(I might also express a slight opinion about coding style,
names etc., readability etc., but again, such an opinion is
not so important.  I care about getting a bug fixed, not so
much about how it is fixed internally, i.e., in ways that
are not user-observable.  I do care to some extent about
the usability of the code itself, i.e., for users of the

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