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bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32207: 26.1; can't set window position with emacs 26.3
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 08:42:22 +0200

> Looking at fvwm's log I see this message when starting emacs:
>    [fvwm.0][GetWindowSizeHints]: <<WARNING>> reason: 6: The
>    hints have been ignored because the window's current size
>    would have become invalid.

This hints at yet another sizing problem.  What happens when you
specify size _and_ position via say

(make-frame '((top . 100) (left . 100) (width . 50) (height . 10)))

> The new hints will become
>    active when the window generates the next ConfigureRequest.
> I don't remember seeing this message before.
> If I turn fvwm's:
>    BugOpts ExplainWindowPlacement True
> When I start emacs as:
>    emacs -Q -g 80x40+500+500
> I get this explanation:
>    [fvwm.0][__explain_placement]: placed new window 0x1800142 
>      initial size 764x780
>      desk 0 (current desk)
>      current page
>      position 20 40, placed by fvwm (ignored program specified position)
>        placement method: TileCascade

Can you try with "Tile Manual Placement" instead of "Tile Cascade"?  I
suppose that Tile Cascade means that the window manager is allowed to
(or even should) override the application's request.

> Similarly for -geometry 80x40+500+500, and --geometry=80x40+500+500
> When I start an xterm as:
>    xterm -geometry 80x40+500+500
> I get this one:
>    [fvwm.0][__explain_placement]: placed new window 0x1800025 'xterm':
>      initial size 816x839
>      desk 0 (current desk)
>      current page
>      position 500 500  (used user specified position)
> For xterm, fvwm says "user specified", for emacs it says "program specified".
> This and the IgnoredHints above may have something to do with it.

Then maybe

(make-frame '((user-position . t) (top . 100) (left . 100)))

will do?


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