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bug#32214: [PATCH] 'message-kill-buffer': fix backup delete question

From: Sven Willner
Subject: bug#32214: [PATCH] 'message-kill-buffer': fix backup delete question
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 16:40:03 +0200
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hmm, having a second look into message-disassociate-draft, I am still not sure what is supposed to happen there.

anyway, my motivation for the patch was to eliminate a rather annoying (since unnecessary) question to remove a non-existing backup/auto save file. here is the minimal patch (without any further changes to the code) doing so.

I think, it makes sense to also check for the existing file-name to only remove a backup file if there is a properly saved message, too.

Attachment: 0001-message-kill-buffer-fix-backup-delete-question.patch
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Noam Postavsky <address@hidden> writes:

Sven Willner <address@hidden> writes:

also, the 'when' part should only include the actual deletion of the
backup file
      (delete-file auto-save-file-name))
rather than also draft diassociation
    (let ((message-draft-article draft-article))
also fixed in the updated patch.

Subject: [PATCH] 'message-kill-buffer': fix backup delete question

Before 'message-kill-buffer' would ask to delete backup file if draft has been saved regardless if a backup file has actually been created. Now only ask if
a backup file exists.

+ (when (and auto-save-file-name
+ (file-exists-p auto-save-file-name)
+ file-name
+ (file-exists-p file-name)

Does it still make sense to check for file-name here? If we're just deleting the auto save file, we should probably check for that only (but
see below, I'm not sure if this is actually correct).

+ (progn
+ ;; If the message buffer has lived in a dedicated window,
+ ;; `kill-buffer' has killed the frame. Thus the
+ ;; `yes-or-no-p' may show up in a lowered frame. Make sure
+ ;; that the user can see the question by raising the
+ ;; current frame:
+ (raise-frame)
+ (yes-or-no-p (format "Remove the backup file%s? "
+ (if modified " too" "")))))

I wonder if "backup" is meant to refer to the draft copy (as far as I
can tell (through the many layers of indirection), the draft
"dissociation" is also some kind of deletion). If so, then I think this
change isn't a "fix" at all.

+ (ignore-errors
+ (delete-file auto-save-file-name)))
+ (let ((message-draft-article draft-article))
+ (message-disassociate-draft))
       (message-do-actions actions))))

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