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bug#32520: 26.1; problem with CIFS mounts

From: emacs
Subject: bug#32520: 26.1; problem with CIFS mounts
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 13:25:00 -0700

> I guess Emacs tries to go up the directory tree too far,
> it should stop at /cifs/<host>/<share/. But how should it
> know it isn't supposed to go up from /cifs/<host>/<share>/ ?

Maybe with a variable (regexp) I could customize.

It could also tell by looking at the mount points, but
that's too time consuming.

>> It is clogging my syslog with bogus messages, 
> Does it cause any other trouble?


It is just annoying litter, that I may be able to filter.

-- Henrique

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