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bug#32536: displayed width of man pages

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32536: displayed width of man pages
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2018 09:14:16 +0200

> Regarding the request for dynamic reformatting, I'm not sure if
> man pages should be reformatted on resizing windows (I remember
> seeing a window resize hook, but can't find it now).

It's called 'window-size-change-functions'.

> Such window resize is necessary also for some other modes,

Why "Such window resize"?  We talk about reformatting buffer contents
when a window gets resized for some reason.  We do not want to resize
the window when reformatting a man page because we know the length of
Man lines beforehand.

> for example, when a visited image is saved to the desktop file,
> it has a wrong size after loading the desktop, because the
> image size is calculated when the image file is not yet displayed
> in a window.  The image size should be recalculated after
> displaying the image buffer.

This would be probably about fitting a window to the image it
displays.  But why do we have to display the image first and then
recalculate its size?  Don't we know the image size in advance?


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