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bug#32607: 27.0.50; pop-to-buffer in next-error-no-select

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32607: 27.0.50; pop-to-buffer in next-error-no-select
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 09:04:29 +0200

>> That this particular one
>> (setq display-buffer-alist '(("\\`\\*grep\\*\\'" 
>> apparently doesn't do what its writer intended.  This customization
>> means that its writer requests to display the buffer in the selected
>> window _regardless_ of whether the displayed buffer is already
>> displayed anywhere else.  Such a request is legitimate (think of the
>> case where I am perviewing a part of a buffer in another window and I
>> do not want to change that window's point) and an application should
>> not override it.
> This is the right customization.  The intended customization is to
> display the buffer in the same window, even if this buffer is already
> displayed in another window: the user navigates to the needed window
> and wants this buffer to appear in the selected window, not to switch to
> some other window that might already display it.  That's the point of
> this bug report.

Funny.  I don't recall that in all those years we ever disagreed on a
single issue.  And now we have right two of them.

If the intended customization is to display the *grep* buffer always
in the selected window, then why

   "next-error-no-select should override the user setting with
display-buffer-overriding-action because the purpose of pop-to-buffer in
next-error-no-select is to ensure the *grep* buffer is displayed somewhere"

Isn't *grep* displayed somewhere when it shows up in the selected
window and also in some other window?  Maybe the *grep* case is
special but I still fail to see why.


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