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bug#32649: 27.0.50; up-list stops inside comment

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: bug#32649: 27.0.50; up-list stops inside comment
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2018 19:15:13 +0200
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On 07.09.2018 10:53, Andreas Schwab wrote:
On Sep 07 2018, Andreas Röhler <address@hidden> wrote:

On 07.09.2018 06:46, Leo Liu wrote:
On 2018-09-06 21:04 +0200, Andreas Röhler wrote:
In scratch-buffer, cursor at "d" towards end of line 1

(foo\n(a ;(b c d)
e) bar)

M-- M-x up-list --called with negative argument-- stops at opening
paren inside comment.

I am not following. What is the issue here?

A list can't start resp. end inside a commented section.

Sure it can.  Just because it's behind a comment char doesn't mean it's
not a list.


From Elisp Info


A "comment" is text that is written in a program only for the sake of
humans that read the program, and that has no effect on the meaning of
the program.  [...] The Lisp reader discards comments; they do not
become part of the Lisp objects which represent the program within the
Lisp system.


BTW being in favor to remove all syntax-fiddling from plain text modes and fundamental-mode alike. Setting syntax there must produce inconsistency and unexpected behavior.

An example: try M-x backward-sexp RET from end of a text-mode buffer with contents:

1) Asdf
2) Asdf

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