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bug#32720: term-mode ignores certain window size changes

From: Gary Fredericks
Subject: bug#32720: term-mode ignores certain window size changes
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 07:09:45 -0500

Affects: version 26 (git-bisected to commit 8e7712c7afc)

Note: I have only tried this on --without-x emacs

Steps to reproduce
  1. start emacs
  2. start a term buffer with M-x term
  3. run `seq 1000` at the bash prompt to fill the screen
  4. enlarge the terminal window that emacs is running in, so that the window size changes as well
  5. run `seq 1000` again, and observe that the new space at the bottom of the buffer is not being used
Analysis notes

term-mode does pick up changes after more explicit window configurations, like splits; my workaround for months has been to split and join the terminal window whenever I've resized it.

As best I can tell, term-mode subscribes to window size changes by adding advice to the window-adjust-process-window-size-function variable, and the 8e7712c7afc reduced the set of situations in which that function is called.

I've developed a more automated workaround with a term-load-hook of this form:

(add-hook 'window-size-change-functions (lambda (_frame) (window--adjust-process-windows)))

It might be that adding this line to the term-mode setup steps would be sufficient, but I'm not familiar enough with the window.el code to have a guess whether that's actually a good approach.

Gary Fredericks

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