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bug#17814: 24.3.91; better string manipulation in subr-x

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#17814: 24.3.91; better string manipulation in subr-x
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 21:37:20 -0400
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close 17814

Shigeru Fukaya <address@hidden> writes:

>>The above string-match will fail on a string that has a newline, and the
>>subsequent code will use whatever was the old match-data, resulting in
>>broken behavior.
> "." in "\\`[\s\t\n\r]*\\(.*?\\)[\s\t\n\r]*\\'" must be "\\(.\\|\n\\)", sorry.
>>Other than that, I don't have any opinion on such changes (I've never
>>heard anyone complain about code size or cpu-time of any of those
>>functions, so I think it largely doesn't matter either way).
> Using string-trim-to-right and string-trim-to-left creates unnecessary
> temporary string if both sides need triming may matter, then?
> Anyway, I think I'm just sending a small proposal.  I don't care much
> if you throw it away.  Thank you for spending your time.

An optimization similar to the one proposed here was done for
string-trim-to-{left,right} in [1: 1013e0392b].  I think the strim-trim
change isn't worth the extra complexity (especially since it's not even
entirely clear whether it would be faster/smaller), so I'm closing the

[1: 1013e0392b]: 2018-07-13 11:28:16 -0400
  Tweak subr-x.el substring functions

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