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bug#18090: 24.4.50; `delete-selection-helper' logic changed for non-mous

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#18090: 24.4.50; `delete-selection-helper' logic changed for non-mouse region?
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 01:50:32 +0300
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>> I see that mouse operations are not supported by delete-selection-mode
>> anyway - yanking with <mouse-2> doesn't replace the selected region,
> Huh? I kill some text (or copy it to the kill-ring). Then I select some
> other text with the mouse. Then I type or I yank. The typed or
> yanked text replaces the mouse-selected text. What am I missing?

You are missing the <mouse-2> part above.

>> so the whole
>>           (when (and (string= (buffer-substring-no-properties
>>                                (point) (mark)) (car kill-ring))
>>                      (fboundp 'mouse-region-match)
>>                      (mouse-region-match))
>>             (current-kill 1))
>> could be deleted altogether.
> Why would we do that? That's been there forever - except for the
> mouse-region-match part that you added (subject of this report).

Not true, mouse-region-match part has been there exactly as long
as without it.

>> I don't understand this bug report too - in fact, there is no bug,
>> the purpose of the old change was to remove gratuitous optimization
>> that breaks keyboard macros (the result of yanking should not depend
>> on differences between old and new text),
> Sorry, but I don't understand that. What old change? What
> optimization? What macro breakage (example)? What old and
> new text? No idea what you're saying, there.

Please read the detailed explanations on the thread in

>> and nobody complained during last 10+ years.
> I filed this bug report 4 years ago.

What bug?  The bug was already fixed long ago.

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