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bug#31240: 26.1; mouse-save-then-kill does not kill rectangles

From: Federico Tedin
Subject: bug#31240: 26.1; mouse-save-then-kill does not kill rectangles
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2018 18:34:45 -0300

> Here the first evaluation gets me 1 and the second 0.  I suppose
> it's the latter you want.

Martin, thanks for your feedback. My use of the variable POSITON was a
mistake on my part, the correct thing to do was calling (point), as
the point had already been set to POSITION (by goto-char), and then
moved by forward-line.

While fixing the mistake, I found the function line-number-at-pos,
which uses the same method I was using (after your correction) to
calculate the line number. I'm attaching a new patch which uses this
function instead.

Slightly related question: is it better for me to keep sending patches
with all my changes and fixes included, or is it better to send an
initial one, and then send additional (smaller) patches with fixes to
the first one?

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