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bug#33093: 26.1, 7.2 emacs-mac; M-x list-colors-display RET; L1 is black

From: Van L
Subject: bug#33093: 26.1, 7.2 emacs-mac; M-x list-colors-display RET; L1 is black on black
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 16:12:29 +1100

>> The *Colors* buffer has black text on color backgrounds that is not always 
>> readable.
> Each color's name is shown twice, once when the color is used as
> background, the other time it is used as foreground.  Are you saying
> that you see neither of these two for some colors?

I see three columns. As an aside, previously my background color was ‘antique 
white’ now it is ‘gainsboro’. Back to here. The columns according to how I 
interpret them:

 1. text on color bar, this is the background-color, and the text is unreadable 
at line 1 (black on black)
 2. the same color as foreground-color, the black text is readable on my normal 
background color
 3. the RGB hex values

I am saying the problem is in column one where WYSIWYG background-color and 
text color are identical it is unreadable.

And, in cases, such as blue, medium blue, the column one’s presentation is 
difficult to read the black text.

>> I’d like to suggest color contrast arcs through a distorted triangle 
>> colorspace for choosing textcolor always in contrast to the background color 
>> for easy reading. In the case of black, blue, medium blue background the 
>> text color is white. Perhaps, only a dozen special cases are needed to 
>> switch black to white text color and the colorspace idea is overkill.
> How will this work with our intent to show the color both as
> foreground and as background?

I’m suggest in column one, where the black text is too close to the 
background-color being demonstrated, such as blue, medium blue, that the 
text-color in column one should be inversed to white from black.

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