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bug#31289: madx mode for emacs

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#31289: madx mode for emacs
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 18:30:56 -0400
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Oscar Blanco <address@hidden> writes:

> I attached again the script with the corresponding modifications. I
> understand that an additional script called madx-autoloads.el is required.

The madx-autoloads.el will be generated when installing the package from
forms that are prefix with


See `(elisp) Autoload'.  You can test it out using M-x package-install-file. 

> ;;; madx.el --- Major mode for editing MAD-X files in Emacs

> ;; Copyright (C) 2013, 2016 Oscar BLANCO
> ;;               2017, 2018 FSF

You don't seem to be listed in copyright assignment file; to officially
assign copyright to the FSF you need to sign some legal papers.
Instructions to begin the process are at

> (defconst madx-font-lock-keywords-face-all
>   ;; madx-font-lock-keywords-programflow
>   `((,(regexp-opt '(;; font-lock-keyword-face
>                   ;; madx-font-lock-keywords-programflow
>                  "IF"
>                  "ELSEIF"
>                  "ELSE"
>                  "WHILE"
>                  "MACRO"
>                  ) 'words)

I would prefer the close paren grouped with the sexp it closes, as in

    `((,(regexp-opt '(;; font-lock-keyword-face
                      ;; madx-font-lock-keywords-programflow
       .  font-lock-keyword-face))

>             ;; some variables already optimized
>             "\\|RE[1-6][1-6]"
>             "\\|T[1-6][1-6][1-6]"
>             "\\|TM[1-6][1-6][1-6]"

These two could be written as just "\\|TM?[1-6][1-6][1-6]"

>             "\\||BETA[1-3][1-3]"
>             "\\|BETA[1-3][1-3]P"

I guess that extra "|" is a typo; again you could coalesce these into
"\\|BETA[1-3][1-3]P?", similar for the following ones.

>             "\\|ALFA[1-3][1-3]"
>             "\\|ALFA[1-3][1-3]P"
>             "\\|GAMA[1-3][1-3]"
>             "\\|GAMA[1-3][1-3]P"
>             "\\|GAMA[1-3][1-3]"
>             "\\|DISP[1-4]P[1-3]"
>             "\\|EIGN[1-6][1-6]"
>             "\\|R[1-6][1-6]"
>             "\\|RM[1-6][1-6]")
>      . font-lock-variable-name-face))
>   "Highlighting expressions for MAD-X mode (variable-name-all).")

> (define-derived-mode madx-mode fundamental-mode "madx"
>   "Major mode for editing Methodical Accelerator Design X script files."
>   (kill-all-local-variables)
>   ;;  (use-local-map madx-mode-map)
>   (set-syntax-table madx-mode-syntax-table)

define-derived-mode already does kill-all-local-variables,
use-local-map, and set-syntax-table, so you don't need to put them here.

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