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bug#32932: 27.0.50; render bugs on macOS Mojave

From: Aaron Jensen
Subject: bug#32932: 27.0.50; render bugs on macOS Mojave
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 22:56:34 -0700

On October 29, 2018 at 9:09:48 AM, Alan Third
(address@hidden(mailto:address@hidden)) wrote:

> One more go. I don’t think I’ve seen the cursor line flicker after
> installing this.
> Simply, all I’ve done is stop making it redraw the entire line the
> cursor is on. That should stop any flicker of the line text caused by
> redrawing the cursor, but won’t stop any flicker of the cursor itself,
> although I’ve not seen it flicker.

I’ve got a consistent repro on my config with this patch. If I start
emacs then open a dired buffer in a dir that has images in it, then
hit return on one of the images, the current line goes blank while the
image loads. If I kill the buffer and reopen the same one it does not

I cannot reproduce this in emacs -Q as it’s much faster than whatever
my config is doing whenever I open an image.

That said, I haven’t seen any line flickers yet aside from that. I’ll
keep trying it out and report back.


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