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bug#33222: Crash when visiting an org file from within Dired.

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: bug#33222: Crash when visiting an org file from within Dired.
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2018 19:12:20 +0100

vordoo <vordoo@yahoo.com> writes:

> On 11/1/18 7:48 PM, Robert Pluim wrote:
>> vordoo <vordoo@yahoo.com> writes:
>>> On 11/1/18 6:14 PM, Robert Pluim wrote:
>>>> It doesnʼt crash for me. Can you get a backtrace from gdb of the
>>>> crash? Thanks Robert 
>>> Emacs 26.1.50 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.1)
>>> of 2018-11-01: Thread 1 "emacs" received signal SIGSEGV,
>>> Segmentation fault. face_at_buffer_position (w=0x11b5c30
>>> <bss_sbrk_buffer+8018448>, pos=1,    
>>> endptr=endptr@entry=0x7fffffff8800, limit=<optimized out>,
>>> mouse=mouse@entry=false,     base_face_id=<optimized out>) at
>>> xfaces.c:5964 5964      memcpy (attrs, default_face->lface, sizeof
>>> attrs); 
>> Thanks for that. Another data point: visiting the org file using
>> find-file does not cause this crash, but visiting it via dired
>> does. Robert 
> Yep & I did state that in the original bug report:
> "With C-x C-f the file opens OK, and after that it will re-open OK
> from the Dired buffer too." :-)

I claim lack of coffee and jetlag :-)

Is there a redisplay expert in the house?


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