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bug#32790: 27.0.50; point jumps unexpectedly after delete-window

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32790: 27.0.50; point jumps unexpectedly after delete-window
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 09:48:18 +0100

>> Looks very good now.  This one
>>> +;;;###autoload
>>> +(defun windmove-display-default-keybindings (&optional modifiers)
>> should be wrapped in a 'defcustom' IMHO.
> This is a copy of the existing windmove-default-keybindings
> that has no defcustom.

IME the windmove user community is quite small.  Don't we expect
directional buffer display to attract more users than that?  Per se
S-M-<right> C-x 4 C-o is a pain to type.  So we could provide
attractive key bindings because windmove is pretty independent in this
regard.  And we should advertise them in the user manual.

>> And while I think that the prompt-like
>> (message "[display-%s]" dir)
>> is a good idea, it might fire back when the selected frame does not
>> have an echo area.  So I think it should be made customizable too.
> What bad will happen when the selected frame has no echo area?

I can't give you a good answer because I hardly ever work with
minibuffer-less frames.  But I could imagine that the message would
cause the respective echo-area frame to pop up even if the subsequent
step (namely that of finding out which buffer should get displayed)
does not involve the minibuffer because the buffer is already known
from the context (the line of the dired buffer where a file to be
displayed is listed, the file name around the position of point in a
grep buffer).

>> IMHO we should provide l, r, u/t, d/b directional keybindings as well.
> Maybe then h/j/k/l or b/f/n/p?

I intended l(eft), r(ight), u(p)/t(op) and d(own)/b(ottom).  What did
you intend?


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