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bug#33135: 27.0.50; (make-thread) TRAMP interactive freeze macOS 10.14

From: Christian Johansson
Subject: bug#33135: 27.0.50; (make-thread) TRAMP interactive freeze macOS 10.14
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 16:42:16 +0100
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Both scenarios cause the crashes, user-interaction for password with threaded tramp seems to always crash emacs on macOS. The window doesn't close but there is a error in the terminal and emacs gets stuck

In the other scenario I have repeatedly got the error when visiting a archive (find-file) on remote ssh tramp host that is also piped into another user like this: (find-file "/ssh:address@hidden|sudo:address@hidden:/home/otheruser/myzip.zip")

It crashes when I do it synchronously (unthreaded)

I also think I get the error when visiting directory in dired like (dired "/ssh:address@hidden|sudo:address@hidden:/home/otheruser/"), also unthreaded

On 2018-11-07 08:48, Michael Albinus wrote:
Christian Johansson <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Christian,

I was wrong, interactive threaded tramp over ange-ftp on macos doesn’t
work. I have got more crashes lately after I updated branch, not sure
if errors help but here are some:
Are these crashes just in case a user interaction with the thread was
needed, or does it happen also when a (remote) file is just visited in a
buffer, without any interaction?

In the latter case, could you pls describe your scenario?

Best regards, Michael.

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