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bug#32825: 27.0.50; Deterministic window management

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32825: 27.0.50; Deterministic window management
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 09:53:27 +0100

> The need to skip.  If the original window was too small
> to split and display the buffer in a new window below, then
> if some existing window is reused to display the temporary buffer,
> it's understandable for the user why that temporary buffer is shown
> in the window-local tab-bar.
> At least, then the user will see in which window the same buffer
> will be reappear again - in the same window that shows this buffer
> in its window-local tab-bar.

The latter is a visual feedback.  But if I blindly use C-x left, I'd
still be surprised.

> The second time when the buffer is displayed again in a previous window
> is deterministic.  But the first time it is non-deterministic - it's
> displayed in a random window.  At least, the user can't predict the
> window where it will be displayed - thus the surprise factor.
> With get-mru-window instead get-lru-window the place is more
> deterministic because the user usually remembers which window is mru.

We can add an action alist entry to get the mru (or better
mru-not-selected) behavior.  A small deal.

>> When people work with two windows simultaneously, the mru one is
>> usually the "other" window they work with, maybe showing the same
>> buffer at a different location.  I think it would be a bad idea to
>> punish such users by reusing the other window for showing some
>> temporary buffer instead.
> Right.  Neither lru nor mru should be used to steal existing windows
> from users to show temporary buffers.  Only new windows should be
> created below or on the bottom.
> But my complaint about get-lru-window is that it prevents me from
> using more than two windows.

... the way you want.

> When I create three windows or more,
> then get-lru-window always selects a wrong window.  Is it possible
> to change get-lru-window to get-mru-window to allow using three windows
> and more on the same frame?

Earlier we discussed whether "creating a window" should also mean
"using that window".  This could be yet another action alist entry -
bump the use time of the window used for displaying a buffer even when
it's not selected.

I suggest you try adding this and the one providing mru behavior I
mentioned above, experiment with them and install them if they give
good results.


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