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bug#33440: 26.1; grouping `forms' in info:elisp#Index

From: Van L
Subject: bug#33440: 26.1; grouping `forms' in info:elisp#Index
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2018 14:22:21 +1100


This is a suggestion not a bug.

At (info "(elisp)" Index)
grouping on a common prefix
all the entries associated with 'forms'
at the following context is useful, note that
'form' itself occurs further above 'format'.

And, for (info "(elisp) Forms")
to go in the index. A first search finds
all but one entry refer to special forms.

* formatting time values:                Time Parsing.        (line   6)
* formfeed:                              Basic Char Syntax.   (line  27)
* forward-button:                        Button Buffer Commands.
                                                              (line  32)
* forward-char:                          Character Motion.    (line  24)

The grouping on common prefix 'forms' would be like how tooltip is arranged:

* tooltip face:                          Tooltips.            (line  42)
* tooltip for help strings:              Special Properties.  (line  83)
* tooltip frames:                        Tooltips.            (line  26)
* tooltip-event-buffer:                  Tooltips.            (line  59)
* tooltip-frame-parameters:              Tooltips.            (line  31)
* tooltip-functions:                     Tooltips.            (line  46)
* tooltip-help-tips:                     Tooltips.            (line  46)
* tooltip-mode:                          Tooltips.            (line  13)
* tooltips:                              Tooltips.            (line   6)

or how cl/CL is:

* cl:                                    Lisp History.        (line  28)
* CL note—allocate more storage:         Garbage Collection.  (line  51)
* CL note—case of letters:               Symbol Type.         (line  38)
* CL note—default optional arg:          Argument List.       (line  46)
* CL note—integers vrs eq:               Comparison of Numbers.
                                                              (line  39)
* CL note—interning existing symbol:     Creating Symbols.    (line 116)
* CL note—lack union, intersection:      Sets And Lists.      (line  13)
* CL note—no continuable errors:         Signaling Errors.    (line  98)
* CL note—no setf functions:             Adding Generalized Variables.
                                                              (line  53)
* CL note—only throw in Emacs:           Catch and Throw.     (line  54)
* CL note—rplaca vs setcar:              Modifying Lists.     (line  10)
* CL note—special forms compared:        Special Forms.       (line  99)
* CL note—symbol in obarrays:            Creating Symbols.    (line  65)
* cl-call-next-method:                   Generic Functions.   (line 196)
* cl-defgeneric:                         Generic Functions.   (line  49)
* cl-defmethod:                          Generic Functions.   (line  71)
* cl-next-method-p:                      Generic Functions.   (line 204)
* cl-old-struct-compat-mode:             Backward Compatibility.
                                                              (line  12)

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