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bug#32790: 27.0.50; point jumps unexpectedly after delete-window

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#32790: 27.0.50; point jumps unexpectedly after delete-window
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2018 09:24:13 +0100

>> This looks counter-intuitive unless we are also able to delete the
>> minibuffer window.
> But the minibuffer window can't be deleted:

Yours ;-)

> 0. emacs -Q
> 1. M-:
> 2. C-x o
> 3. Type and eval in *scratch*: (delete-window (window-in-direction 'below))
> This error is signaled: "Attempt to delete minibuffer or sole ordinary window"

That's what the text you quoted above meant to say.  Recall that we
talk about a function called 'windmove-delete-in-direction'.  If
that function doesn't delete the window but aborts a recursive edit
instead then it misses its purpose OT1H and overkills OTOH.

>> If it's active, presumably.  I'm not sure, but I wouldn't do that in a
>> first version.  BTW, if you delete the window on the right frame
>> border and want selection to move to the right, does it wrap around to
>> the window on the left?
> Yes, it respects windmove-wrap-around.

OK.  The doc of 'windmove-wrap-around' should say that somewhere.


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