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bug#33602: 27.0.50; Compiling no file at

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: bug#33602: 27.0.50; Compiling no file at
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2018 13:43:27 +0000
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Hello, Markus.

On Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 22:58:33 +0100, address@hidden wrote:

> >Could you please tell us whether your .emacs (or other initialisation
> >file) performs byte compilation, and if so, what commands it does this
> >with.

> there is no byte compile during initialization. All the bytecode is 
> untouched for years; without problems until recently.

Yes.  I put some enhancements into the byte compiler's warning handler
very recently, and suspect that has triggered some existing problem, and
that is what you are seeing.

Having grepped Emacs's source, it seems like the byte compiler is the
only bit that writes "Compiling no file at ..." to the buffer
*Compile-Log*.  There are quite a few Emacs functions which call the
byte compiler, even though they are not byte compilations themselves.

Would you be prepared to help us with a bit of debugging?  What would be
useful is for you to "bisect" your .emacs file.

That is, comment out the second half of it (more or less), start Emacs
and note whether the silly warning happens.  If it does, comment out the
last three quarters (more or less) of .emacs, if it doesn't, comment
out the first quarter.  And so on.

This should quickly home in on the form in your .emacs which is
triggering the bug in Emacs.  Please tell us what this form is.  It
would help greatly in solving the problem

@Colin: any chance you could do the same, please.

> Regards M

By the way, would you please leave in the mailing list address as a Cc:,
so that everybody can see what's happening.  Thanks!

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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