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bug#33723: 26.1; function `byte-compile-file` use function `read` instea

From: Jingtao Xu
Subject: bug#33723: 26.1; function `byte-compile-file` use function `read` instead of the variable value of `load-read-function`
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 08:01:52 +0800
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literate Lisp is just an org mode file like this:

* head1
This can be both document and code in one org file:
#+BEGIN_SRC elisp :tangle yes
(defun test1 ()
  (message "test1"))

and function `literate-load' will ignore lines out of source code block and 
load elisp codes inside the code block.

More details of `literate-elisp can be found in 

Anyway, I need to use a custom read function to load and compile this org file.

On Fri, 14 Dec 2018 05:14:20 +0800,
Richard Stallman wrote:
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> Would you like to show emacs-devel what this does?
> What does "literate Lisp" look like?  What are the rules
> for writing it?
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