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bug#33794: 26.1; electric-pair-mode breaks auto-newline minor mode of cc

From: João Távora
Subject: bug#33794: 26.1; electric-pair-mode breaks auto-newline minor mode of cc-mode
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 22:55:32 +0000
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Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden> writes:

> Right now, João's direction of travel seems to be to cement
> electric-pair-mode's unusability in modes like CC Mode, of which there
> are quite a few.  I hope I've misunderstood this and I'm mistaken.

You are.  In fact, I'm coming up with alternatives so that
electric-pair-mode works with CC-Mode, even if the user or some other
mode customizes it to not use c-electric-{brace,paren}.

You may say that I am not working actively to make e-p-m work with
c-toggle-auto-newline, which *in my opinion* is a part of CC-mode that
could and should someday be fulfilled by electric-layout-mode.  That is
100% true.  But I am not preventing anyone from taking on that task, or
even suggesting it's trivial or very hard.  I just don't know, and I
have no interest in studying this alternative.

That is quite different from "cementing an unusability".Have a look at
my recent commits in scratch/fix-33794-extend-electric-layout-mode and
you will see that I have done 0 changes to e-p-m.

Also, can you once and for all describe the "unusabilities" in other
modes you keep talking about???

>> Yes, Alan disagrees with this.  In his view, electric- modes are abusing
>> the semantics of post-self-insert-hook.  Well, at least in my view of
>> his views :-)
> Please don't misrepresent me like that.

Really, I didn't.  But OK, I will think thrice before writing "Alan
thinks" sentences.

> The point is that the electric-... modes abuse not so much the
> post-self-insert-hook (although they do),

So, in reality I didn't misrepresent you.

> but they totally break self-insert-command.  You have had several
> hours to contest this, but by your silence appear to have accepted it.

How can I contest or accept that which I have no opinion of?  I'm not an
expert in the teleology of self-insert-command!  Find someone who is to
discuss this!

Frankly: "my silence"...  I'm not taking that bait, OK?  Really, Alan,
please please understand that I am only trying to make
electric-layout-mode work a bit better, and not even touching any of its
basic functioning vis-a-vis self-insert-command.


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