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bug#33967: [Feature Request] Use proportional fonts in Info-mode

From: Alex Griffin
Subject: bug#33967: [Feature Request] Use proportional fonts in Info-mode
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 15:35:07 -0500
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Right now Emacs' built-in info viewer renders almost everything using the 
default face. I can set the default face to a proportional font and read most 
manuals just fine, but sometimes fixed-width fonts are assumed. Try using a 
proportional font on "(ledger3)Register Report" for example. It renders 
terribly in Emacs even though texinfo's html output successfully mixes 
proportional and fixed-width fonts [1].

It would be nice to improve it by using proportional fonts where appropriate, 
and fixed-width fonts only where necessary. This would improve readability and 
better match texinfo's html output.

Alex Griffin

[1]: https://www.ledger-cli.org/3.0/doc/ledger3.html#Register-Report

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