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bug#33870: 27.0.50; xref-goto-xref not configurable

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#33870: 27.0.50; xref-goto-xref not configurable
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2019 15:53:28 -0500
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> We have 'display-buffer-alist' for quite some time now.
> So please consider making this an action alist entry.

Yes, it would be much better, but it never seems to reach the top of my
todo list.

> That way a user can decide whether all buffers displayed by
> 'display-buffer' should be dedicated or only certain ones and which
> 'dedicated' value they should get.

Historically, special-display-buffer-alist always caused
the created frames/windows to be dedicated, so
display-buffer-mark-dedicated extends this to those windows created for
other reasons.

I haven't looked in detail, but this seems to make it less trivial to
just add a new action alist parameter: it should default to `t` if we
matched in display-buffer-alist but to nil if we only rely on

Also, some (all?) let-bindings of display-buffer-mark-dedicated should
now be unnecessary (because of the features you added so bury-buffer (or
was it quit-window?) automatically deletes the window).


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