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bug#34224: 25.1; ansi-term displays garbage on tree(1) command

From: Marvin Gülker
Subject: bug#34224: 25.1; ansi-term displays garbage on tree(1) command
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 14:10:53 +0100
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Am 29. Januar 2019 um 00:03 Uhr +1300 schrieb Phil Sainty:
> FYI I can't replicate that in 25.3 or 26.1 under Ubuntu GNU/Linux 18.04.
> (i.e. The tree output looks correct to me.)
> Does the same thing happen if you run emacs -Q ?

Yes, it happens with emacs -Q. But when I reported the bug, I forgot
that since pretty much forever I had an alias for "tree" in my zsh
config that aliases the tree command to "tree -AC". Removing the alias
solves the problem. Fiddling shows the it's the -A option that causes
the problem. So, the actual problem is that ansi-term doesn't work
with tree's -A option.

Given that the -A option is declared as a "hack" in tree's manual page,
I don't know whether it should actually be cared about. I don't really
remember what made me turn this option on in my alias. Since a few years
I use urxvt as my terminal emulator, so it might have been a faulty
terminal emulator. When I switched to urxvt, I probably forgot about
it. urxvt never had a problem with that option, though.

> Are you able to install 25.3 for testing?

Yes, I just compiled it from source. The problem still exists with emacs

> Perhaps this is just a font problem at your end?

See above; it's tree's -A option.


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