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bug#34516: Multi-monitor frame sets

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: bug#34516: Multi-monitor frame sets
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 17:10:59 +0100

Andy Moreton <address@hidden> writes:

>> At least in 'system preferences/display', when you have two identical 
>> monitors
>> attached, they're called something like 'DELL 1234X' and 'DELL 1234X
>> (2)' (I canʼt test that right now). If you can show me code on how to
>> get those names in 10.14, I can confirm. That would be better than
>> making up names.

So 'DELL 1234X (1)' and 'DELL 1234X (2)', where (1) is the primary

> There are usually two different names involved: the name of the
> file/device that represents the monitor, and a human-readable name for
> the UI.
> In Windows, the GUI settings/display describes the monitors as 1 and
> 2. In emacs, display-monitor-attributes-list reports the device
> names \\.\DISPLAY1 and \\.\DISPLAY2 (you can see these device names
> with the WinObj tool from SysInternals). Note that the device names do
> not mention the make/model of the hardware.
> For OSX, ioreg or the IoRegistryExplorer app show similar information
> from the IO registry (a non-persistent database of IO device
> information). I don't use a mac any more, so I don't know if these tools
> are still available).

I donʼt know, but the code in ns_screen_name which appears to do
something similar does not work for me in 10.14

Iʼm not so sure about using the did, as someone suggested, since that
has a large value, eg here itʼs 724851601, Iʼd prefer to use a simple


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