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bug#34765: 26.1; with-temp-buffer should not run buffer-list-update-hook

From: Alexander Miller
Subject: bug#34765: 26.1; with-temp-buffer should not run buffer-list-update-hook
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2019 12:29:30 +0100
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> When you show a temporary buffer and temporarily show another
> buffer in the same window, there must be a way to show the temporary
> buffer again.

I do no understand the use-case you have in mind here. with-temp-buffer
serves to create a short-lived temporary buffer that is quickly disposed
of again. When would such a buffer be shown anywhere?

> I'm afraid you have to dig further to find out how
> 'buffer-list-update-hook' precisely gets called here.

Did that, turns out it's down to mode-line packages, both powerline and
doom-modeline are advising select-window. I'll create PRs for both.

> What was the issue there?

Same feedback loop as described above, except it would only happen
when a region was active in magit's status buffer. I had tracked
the cause to a temp buffer deep inside magit's internals. Here's the
github link:

> Emacs 27 now has 'window-selection-change-functions', strongly
> tied to redisplay and triggering only when the window selection has
> changed since last redisplay. Maybe you could try that.

This problem occurs in my treemacs package, so I cannot use a solution
provided by a bleeding edge release, my modus operandi is to support the
last 2 versions of emacs, so 25 and 26 (since stable distros like debian
still use emacs 25). At any rate I have found the culprit in those modeline
packages, so that point is solved.

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