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bug#34792: 27.0.50; format %x and %X don't print as unsigned

From: Ivan Andrus
Subject: bug#34792: 27.0.50; format %x and %X don't print as unsigned
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2019 11:48:51 -0700

On Mar 8, 2019, at 7:03 PM, Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote:
> Ivan Andrus wrote:
>> The following snippets return strings with negative signs, but the
>> docstring of format says they should be unsigned. 
> See etc/NEWS 'Numbers formatted via...'
> I don't understand the "bignums, a planned feature." in that entry.
> It makes it sound like bignum will be implemented in future, but they
> already are?
> Also the sense of the entry seems backwards, since binary-as-unsigned is
> nil by default (but from editfns.c I see "it depends").
> Anyway, it seems like the doc the 'format' function wasn't updated.

Thanks! I should have thought to check NEWS.

I took the liberty for pushing a change to the docstring to master.  Hopefully, 
it's acceptable.


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