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bug#34749: 26.1; `delete-windows-on': (1) doc, (2) bug, (3) bug, (4) can

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#34749: 26.1; `delete-windows-on': (1) doc, (2) bug, (3) bug, (4) candidates
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 09:46:57 +0100

> For example (doing this quickly just to show what
> I mean - I'm sure we could come up with something
> better):
> (interactive
>    (let* ((arg   current-prefix-arg)
>           (narg  (prefix-numeric-value arg))
>           (buf   (read-buffer "Existing buffer: "
>                               (buffer-name (current-buffer))
>                               t))
>           (char  (read-char "Character: ")))
>      (list (buf narg arg nil char))))
> (interactive "bExisting buffer: \np\nP\ni\ncCharacter: ")

This tells me only that our machinery permits doing things I would
never ever understand how to put into practice.  But yes, less
complicated additional examples might help.  An example with no \n
first, an example with one \n second and one with two \n's third.

But no.  I think everyone else understands this stuff well enough, so
don't bother.  It's probably some sort of reader's block with me.


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