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bug#34898: 24.4; `message-separator' face only works for default value o

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: bug#34898: 24.4; `message-separator' face only works for default value of `mail-header-separator'
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 04:14:33 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen wrote:

> The value of `mail-header-separator' gets
> added to `message-font-lock-keywords', which
> does the actual fontification. Using setq to
> change the value of `mail-header-separator'
> did not change the font lock keyword, despite
> setting the variable before message.el is
> loaded (or is it pre-loaded?). Using the
> customize interface to set
> `mail-header-separator' *does* work
> as expected.
> Dunno if it's supposed to work this way
> or not.

All the other message faces don't behave like
that but can be set as expected.

Also the wierd behavior that it works with the
default value for the `mail-header-separator'
but not if one changes it.

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