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bug#34939: Some minibuffer behaviour is annoying

From: pinkanon pinkanon
Subject: bug#34939: Some minibuffer behaviour is annoying
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 21:13:21 +0200

Hi! I have two issues regarding minibuffer usage:

(1) when I press backspace and the prompt is empty, minibuffer tells me
"Text is read-only". You. Don't. Say.

Proposed solution: while it can be argued that this is an OK default,
it would be great to have an option to show nothing instead.

(2) When I try to quit and some buffer is unchanged, I get the usual
deal asking me what I want. The problem I have here [in addition to
the problem discussed in (1), adapted to this case: "Type C-h for
help."] is that I must use C-g, but not good old escape.

Proposed solution: make [an option to be able to] ESC any minibuffer
prompt. In this particular case, maybe ESC could be added to one of
the possible response options, but that's an implementation detail as
far as I am concerned, a regular user.

Here are some other people trying to solve this problem with no luck.

I come from Vim background and these problems make Emacs look sluggish to
me. I really hope for a solution.

Thank you.

Pink Anon.

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