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bug#33225: [debbugs.el] Don't send control message immediately

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#33225: [debbugs.el] Don't send control message immediately
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 22:43:37 -0400
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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

>> As mentioned in [1], I have a modified version of
>> debbugs-gnu-send-control-message which just creates the message (or
>> edits the current one) rather than sending it right away.  I'm posting
>> it here as a patch to debbugs-gnu.el.
> Looks interesting. It seems better suited to extend existing messages,
> when replying to another bug-related message.

Yes, though it can also be used to make a control message with more than
one command in it.  And I personally find the way
debbugs-gnu-send-control-message sends the message right away without
even any chance to inspect or modify it rather uncomfortable.  I guess
I'm a bit of a control freak. ;)

> However, when I call it interactively for control message
> "documentation", I get an error:
> save-excursion: Search failed: "^user emacs$"
> Maybe you could fix it?

Oops, that was a silly mistake.  I didn't end up using the documentation
tag very much.  Obviously not well-tested.

> Furthermore, it asks me for the bug id, even if
> the Cc: header contains already such. I guess it could retrieve this
> there, and show me as default if it is unique.

Ah, it already puts the inferred bug id as default input, but the prompt
doesn't show it.  I use ido completion, which shows the default already
as a completion candidate, so I didn't notice that.  I've added it to
the prompt now.

>> It might make sense to replace the current
>> debbugs-gnu-send-control-message, or just factor out the common parts,
>> I haven't really thought much about that.
> I believe we should keep both functions (with a common basic function),
> with different key bindings. "C" for debbugs-gnu-send-control-message,
> and maybe "E" for debbugs-control-make-message.

Okay.  I think debbugs-gnu-make-control-message can be the common basic

> I like also your extensions of the control messages. Would you like to
> document them in debbugs-ug.texi?

Added, though it looks like the .info file is also in git?  I haven't
regenerated it since I use texinfo 4.13, so that would trigger all sorts
of spurious changes.

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