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bug#35056: 26.1; Tetris score is no longer updated due to commit 995be66

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#35056: 26.1; Tetris score is no longer updated due to commit 995be66f0f0d26d1a96cbb8dfb429c3941157771
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 20:32:51 -0700
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Apparently the problem is that there are two formats of Tetris game-score files. One format is used by play/gamegrid.el itself, the other is used by the update-game-score command. I didn't know that; I thought that the only reason to use update-game-score was to get setuid/setgid permissions, and that the file format didn't change.

To some extent the file-format problem is Just One Of Those Things: if up upgrade Emacs and it changes the file format, Emacs is not smart enough to deal with the format change and so it loses your old Tetris scores.

That being said, Emacs could try harder to use the update-game-score program if it's installed. Is it in your installation? If so, please try the attached patch. If not, please try redoing 'configure' so that update-game-score is built and installed, and then try the attached patch.

I suppose it would be possible to do more-serious hacking in gamegrid.el to deal with the incompatible file formats (convert formats back and forth, say), but that would be beyond my call of duty.

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