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bug#35055: 27.0.50; async-shell-command truncates output lines

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#35055: 27.0.50; async-shell-command truncates output lines
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2019 23:36:27 +0300
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>>> Note that for remote shell commands the situation is even worse, because
>>> it sets the process property `adjust-window-size-function' to nil,
>>> overwriting any setting in `window-adjust-process-window-size-function'.
>>> This affects even synchronous `shell-command' calls, because they are
>>> implemented Tramp internally as asynchronous process.
>> I had truncated output of remote `shell-command' for a long time
>> and thought that it's impossible to do anything with this,
>> but now that you mentioned remote shell commands, I tried
>> to affect their output with a quite large value of COLUMNS
>> and get untruncated output even on remote.
> That's because Tramp sets process property `adjust-window-size-function'
> to `ignore' (and not to nil as I wrote above). This was 2 years ago;
> unfortunately, I have neither a bug nor a message reference for that change.

Then I don't understand why remote shell output is limited to 80 columns
when Tramp sets `adjust-window-size-function' to `ignore', i.e. not to 80.

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