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bug#33959: 26.1.90; python.el font-lock buffer wreaks havoc when company

From: Carlos Pita
Subject: bug#33959: 26.1.90; python.el font-lock buffer wreaks havoc when company is enabled
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 18:47:19 -0300

Hi Noam,

> And my " *Python-font-lock*" looks like this:
>     1 + len('123') + 99 + len('aa')
>     1 + len(
>     1 + len('123'
>     1 + len('123') + 99 + len('aa')
> The behaviour seems rather inconsistent.  I think to solve this properly
> we need some deterministic tests which reproduce the problem.

The state of your " *Python-font-lock*" buffer is exactly what I mean.
The duplications you see are caused by spurious newlines added when
empty output is passed to the filter. There are two bad things there:
i) empty strings are transformed into new lines and 2) empty strings
are an undesirable side effect of company being triggered in a hidden
buffer (this is analogous to the problem with org mode hidden buffer
and yasnippet that I recently reported). Try disabling company mode in
python font lock buffer; even though, this is not necessary if (i)
above is fixed, which IMO should be done independently of the nasty
company interaction.

Besides, remember that patch 2 is fixing two different issues. This is
somewhat undesirable but there are a lot of overlapping between them.
Nevertheless, I provided patch 1 in case you are unwilling to apply
one of them.

Best regards

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