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bug#35261: 26.1; EBDB Documentation

From: David Masterson
Subject: bug#35261: 26.1; EBDB Documentation
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 03:41:47 +0000

Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:

> Here's what the new version looks like:
> * Getting Started
> EBDB is a contact management package: it records information about
> people and organizations, and integrates with other Emacs software
> packages, mostly those concerned with sending and reading mail.  The
> principle parts of EBDB are records, which represent people and
> organizations; fields, representing detailed data about records; and
> databases, which hold and persist records.
> There are a large number of configuration options listed in this
> manual, but the only one you might want to tweak in advance is
> ~ebdb-sources~ (see [The EBDB Database]), which controls where EBDB
> stores its records.
> ** Starting a New Database
> If you have no records you want to migrate from other contact
> management software, start by calling the command ~ebdb-open~.  This
> will open a new buffer in ~ebdb-mode~, and prompt you to create a
> database, if one doesn't already exist.  From there, you can use
> {{{kbd(c)}}} to make new records (see [Creating Records]).

Otherwise, you'll want to migrate your data from other contact
management software as described in the sections below.  Currently, EBDB
only knows about migrating from BBDB and Org Contacts.


Beyond this, I can see that lots of documentation (and, I assume,
functionality) is still needed:

1. Installation details of EBDB and related tools.
2. Details on what type of records a database is composed of.
3. Details on the fields of a record.
4. Details on the type of a field.
5. Import/Export functionality
6. Hooks for add-ons

* By 'details', I mean some Emacs Elisp and not just English to give us
  real reference information.


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