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bug#32056: Small patch

From: Noam Postavsky
Subject: bug#32056: Small patch
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 20:13:56 -0400
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"Gian Uberto Lauri" <saint@eng.it> writes:

> +;; I am unsure if letting this customizable is a good idea.
> +(defvar ignore-file-size-list '() "A list of file for which the user is
> +not warned when the size exceeds `large-file-warning-threshold'." )

Hmm, this feels a bit unmotivated.  I don't quite understand why the
user would choose only certain files to ignore the threshold instead of
just making the threshold higher.

> +                     ;; The user does not want to be bothered for
> +                     ;; these files (full path).
> +                     (not (let (rv)
> +                            (dolist (test-file-name ignore-file-size-list rv)
> +                           (setq rv
> +                                    (or rv (string= filename 
> test-file-name))))))

Though it might be more convenient to have a regexp rather than a
straight list.

> -         (mapcar #'find-file-noselect files)))
> +         (mapcar 'find-file-noselect files)))

No need for this.  #' is fine.

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